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Smart Phone - Wi-Fi

I will not be traveling with anyone so I'm not worried about receiving calls.

However, I've found it irritating in the past that I couldn't easily use map functions, apps, Uber, etc. Is there a hotspot that I can pay for that would ride in my day bag?

Only doing UK not transferring over to the continent.

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Why not buy a SIM for your smart phone? Is it unlocked? If so, should be easy and cheap.

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My cell is provided by work so I will have it on (yes I have had them call me in Europe and they pay the bill for it) so I don't want the number to change.

They are aware that if they email me or iMessage that I can respond when I have wi-fi without a bill.

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Most of the phone companies in the UK will have portable WiFI/MiFI - but they all tend to be on contract rather than a buy and forget.
Amazon UK has them for around £30 - supposedly unlocked - but these are only 3G

You could buy a cheap 4G Android phone at one of the supermarkets (between £40-50) , with a local data only sim card, and then use that as a portable hot spot.

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Who is your network provider? Verizon, t-mobile, ATT etc. Some like T-mobile offer no or low cost data service coverage in most of England. GPS works without data service if you down load (while in your hotel) a Google map every day for the area you will be in. Convert the map to what ever mode of transportation or walking mode and you can find your way.
Jump over the the tech tip forum for more information on cell and services.
Safe travels