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sleeping areas at Plaza Premium lounge

Hello! I have a question-- I noticed there are private resting areas at the Plaza Premium lounge in Heathrow, Terminal 2 (departures). We'll be arriving to Terminal 5 and our next flight will be departing from Terminal 3 (I think). Will we be able to use the resting areas? I've already booked them :) Our layover is insanely long, so no concerns getting to the right gate in time.

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Thats really a question for the lounge itself. In the crazy time we live in, with travel rules changing at the drop of a hat right now, airport lounges (or facilities thereof) may close with very little notice.

I would also verify which terminal you depart from. Long layover or not, if you are using the lounge in T2, you likely wont see gate updates for T3 flights, so you'll need to plan ahead.

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Thank you for your reply. I was able to cancel it and book a lounge at terminal three. I guess I panicked when I couldn't find a way to cancel myself, but I tried a couple of emails and one of them worked :) They replied within a few hours. I also found out that part of the problem was the confirmation letter went to my spam folder. So, all's good now!

Oh, and I also finally saw in the fine print that no, you cannot access the lounge if your flight is not departing from terminal 2.