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Sky Garden in London

Has anyone been to the Sky Garden in London. What tube stop did you get off the tube to get there? I know the ticket is free and you need to book your reservation and a timed ticket. I see that there is a garden and of course a wonderful view. What else is in there? Has anyone been there and could tell me about it and what they saw, did, how long they stayed? Any shops? I know there are bars and restaurants. How one go to any of them? Is there a time limit on how long you can stay?

Thanks for your advice.

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We were there in Late November. I believe we used the tower hill stop. But a few in that area would be pretty close. Maybe Mansion hill or Bank, depending on the line you were using. There are bars and restaurants up there. Didn't notice any shops. We just went up looked at the views and went down. We stayed about half an hour. The views were great we had a beautiful sunny day. The garden nothing special. I don't know that there was anyone checking for a time limit. If you stay longer its probably because you are eating or drinking.

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The closest tube station to 20 Fenchurch Street (the Skygarden) is Monument.

There are no shops, but there are restaurants (for which you should book in advance) and a walk up kiosk/counter selling drinks and snacky things.

There's no time can stay as long as you like. I've been a couple of times; after an hour I'm ready to go.

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Ann, the tube information is right there on Sky Garden's website. The bolding is mine.



It’s easy to get to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street. In the
centre of the City of London, Monument is the closest tube station,
just a few minute’s walk away, and Tower Hill, Tower Gate, Aldgate,
Bank and Mansion House are less than a 10-minute walk.

You can stay until 6pm on weekdays and 9pm on weekends. Look at their website when you reserve your time slot for instances of special hours like they have during the Christmas season. There is a bar and an outside terrace. We stayed for about an hour as we didn't partake in food or drink. I don't remember shops.

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I didn't eat or drink although both are available for a price. There are no shops. You are there for the view.

Any tube or bus stop in The City is a close walk, but if you are on the Circle and District the Monument is easy. I you are on the Central or Northern Bank Branch, Bank is good.

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Thank you everyone, your responses were very helpful.

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Note the smart casual dress code and airport style security... If you couldn't take your bag as hand baggage on a plane, you won't be able to take it up to the Skygarden. Well worth a free visit.

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Thanks Mike. I don't plan to drag luggage or heavy bags with me during my touring of London. But good to know.

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Thank you for all your responses. I appreciate you taking the time.