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Should I rent a car or use taxis for brief stay near Leeds?

My sister and I will be visiting our elderly aunt, who lives in a village near Leeds. We will arrive by train, staying in a hotel a mile or two away from our aunt for one night. We want to take her to dinner. The following day we three will take the Settle-Carlisle scenic railway for a 2 night stay in Carlisle. We will return, go out for dinner again, and stay in the hotel for another night before leaving our aunt and heading to London. For the transportation to and from train station/hotel to our aunt's house and around her village, is it best to rent a car or rely on taxis?

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Look at Kayak and see what the car price is for the total number of days (including letting it sit idle for the days of the trip to Carlisle). It's probably going to be about twenty-five bucks a day. The average will be higher if you rent twice for shorter periods. Taxi costs are going to have to be a guess absent local knowledge. Decide from there.

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not knowing your village, nor just how near Leeds, nor the local bus situation, my question back would be, "have you asked your aunt for advice?"

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Thanks, all! Of course I shall ask my aunt what she thinks, but she is a bit muddled at age 89. Her village is Barwick in Elmet.

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Thanks for the further information, Alex.

I think it is one of those conundrums. It looks to me like all of your driving would be in Leeds or suburban Leeds. Are you already experienced with urban/suburban British driving? You wouldn't likely be happy struggling with the car or roads with your elderly aunt in the car. Most of the time your car was rented, it sounds like, it would be gathering dust at a railway car park, expensive addition if at the beginning of the line in Leeds, less expensive parking as you get out into the countryside.

Yet it might be nice to run around to restaurants, and be able to take your aunt in "your" car, and you would know just where you parked it.

If you are going to rent one it might be a good idea to take your satnav (GPS) with British maps onboard. I have driven in Leeds just twice. The first time I became hopelessly lost, winding up at an abattoir while trying to miss Leeds on the way to York; the second time my GPS really helped as I found the place I wanted right by the law courts. Leeds has quite a few roundabouts and one way roads.

I can't help much with suburban Leeds though.

I'm sure that booked private hire cars are readily available in and around Leeds. That would probably wind up cheaper on your itinerary unless you are tempted to drive elsewhere than you have said.

Good luck with the trip - I hope it is memorable for you in all the right ways.