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"Short Interchange Time"?

Looking at getting to Bath Spa via GWR train from Gatwick.
Ticketing page warns of "short interchange time" in Reading, where it appears there is a change of train. The time is 9 minutes. Is that sufficient? We will have two rolling carry-on bags and probably a couple much smaller bags (think purse size over-the-shoulder). Having never used UK trains in general or GWR in specific, what can we expect? (We have used trains in Italy, Spain and France.)

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8 or 9 minutes is a legal connection. Arrive from Gatwick at xx:19, depart at xx:27 or xx:28.

For an able bodied person who is able to follow signs and move at a normal pace it should be no trouble if your inbound train is on time.

Although one of the biggest and busiest stations in the country, after the remodelling it is well signed and straightforward to navigate. Use lifts and escalators,

On the other hand if you are not able bodied, or you are particularly fogged by jet lag perhaps stopping for a while and catching a later train after a cup of tea and a bun might suit better.

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Try to be at the front of the train on arrival - which will be the BACK of the train as it leaves Gatwick as the train reverses enroute. You will probably arrive at platform 6, which is a bay platform at the east end of the station. With that amount of luggage transfer via the lift rather than the escalator - one to the transfer bridge can be found walking down platform 7 midway (do not exit through the gate line). Trains to Bath Spa normally leave from platform 8 or 9 but check in case of changes. Again there is a lift back down to platform level.

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Those are great, very specific and detailed responses!
I gather that we could do some sort of split ticket - buying at Gatwick to Reading ticket, then a separate Reading to Bath ticket? This would allow us time in Reading to grab a cup and a butty or something as Nigel suggests, rather than rushing our probably jet lagged selves (arriving from the US West Coast at about noon).
Any idea how long to get through immigration (with the new e-gates, I hope) and customs at Gatwick? We will have no checked luggage to wait for. Would a 14:00 departure from Gatwick leave us enough time?

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You might not need a split ticket - just extend the connection time when you book (an option sometimes well hidden with whatever site you are using to book). Do check though. Can't really predict the times relating to immigration at Gatwck, but my record there from landing to train is 25 minutes - and that was collecting a bag as well. Doesn't always work out that well.

As for eating facilities, there are some on the new transfer deck and more in the older station building (and also in the former station building now the Three Guineas).