Sheffield England

I'm planning on visiting family next month is it safe to travel to Europe at this time? Looking for a safe hotel near city center but reasonably priced thank you - sheffield England

Posted by emma
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What aspect of safety are you worried about?
If I reversed the question "is it safe to travel to America at this time?" the answer you would give me is probably the same as I would be able to give you.

British cities are basically safe, we don't have "no go"areas as I have experienced in some US cities so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Be sensible as you would in any city and you will be fine.

What do you mean by reasonable? One persons reasonable is another persons expensive, but I dont imagine hotels in Sheffield are particularly expensive.

I often use the website and have always found it reliable.

Why not ask your family if they can recommend a hotel that will be convenient etc?

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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is it Mary?

Mary, you used "safe" twice in the question. What is it about where you are coming from which is particularly "unsafe"? Is that what you are worried about running into in England?

Are you particularly vulnerable for one reason or the other?

Have you ever been to England before? Do you need help getting from the airport (which one?) to Sheffield?

And, to repeat above, what is "reasonably priced" to you, either in your own currency or ours?