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september in london

i would like to know if there is a big difference in the weather and how much daylight there is between early sept. and late sept. Also has anybody gone to a premier soccer league match while on the tour?

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Being in the northern hemisphere, it gets cooler as September progresses and with an increased risk of wind and rain. It gets dark about an hour earlier by the end of the month at c 18.40.

You will be lucky to get tickets for a Premiership match unless you are a club member. Due to TV schedules, matches are liable to being changed from Saturday afternoon to Friday night, Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon or Monday night, which isn't helpful if your schedule isn't flexible. Try getting tickets for the Championship league, which are easier to get hold of and are not likely to be rescheduled.

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Early Sept. our schools are still on summer break, so places will likely be a little quieter later in the month.

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We were there late September, beautiful, sunny warm weather. Went to the theatre at night and didn't need to wear a sweater. Couldn't ask for better weather.

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It varies immensely. The short answer, especially this year, is - Nobody Knows.

I ran up to London for a special lunch last week and was absolutely roasting in the absolute sunshine and 27 degree temperature. Today it is, in the East Midlands where I am, 21 and high winds with occasional sideways rain.

Generally it has been my impression that whilst September has shorter days and cooler nights the days can be nicer than in August especially if the rain gods have been particularly generous in August.

So - nobody knows. Unlikely it will be hot but it could be. Unlikely it will be cold, but it could be. After all a week or so ago there was snow in August in Scotland.

Most likely the first half of the month will be drier and warmer than the second one, but it could be the other way about.

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Thank you all for the information. The championship league sounds like a good idea. My sister and I are planning on going next sept.