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Senior rail cards and SIM cards in Southampton

Hoping to travel in the spring...and do love the planning...

Based on preliminary costs (since train fares are not available until approx. three months in advance), it looks like the senior passes make sense... since we will. be taking the train from Southampton-Liverpool, Liverpool-York, York-Southampton.

So..Does anyone know whether we can buy sim card near the Southampton cruise port (Cunard) or train station? We will disembark the cruise at Southampton and will take the train directly to Liverpool. We would like be able to access the phone since we can purchase a digital senior rail pass from the US (they do not mail passes to the US but we can get one for the phone).

Thank you!!

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Here is some good news on the senior rail cards. You don’t need the cards before you purchase your tickets. You only need the rail cards to travel with your tickets. Go ahead and reserve/buy whichever train tickets that you want as if you already had the pass. You will purchase your pass at the first rail station (sounds like it is Southampton) and they will print out your reserved tickets for you. You can make this process smooth and easy by pre-printing and completing the application and having your photos done in advance. No phone is required……

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If there 2 of you travelling together a Two Together Railcard be better for you. There are some restrictions that don't apply to Senior Railcards
if you haven't had look has information on rail travel in UK including how to book tickets from abroad

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No need for photos if you buy a Senior Railcard from a station. A photo is required for the app version. You do need them if the Two Together card works out better.

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I agree on the Two Together Railcard. You only need one card for two people. With the Senior card you each need to buy your own. The main restriction is that it is only good for off-peak travel, not commute hours (4:30 to 9:30 am Mon-Friday). We have never found that to be an issue.

See the FAQ’s here:

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I usually pipe up about Railcards, but this time all the good stuff has already been said.

Concur that upon presentation of your passports at the window getting the Senior Railcards is an absolute doddle.

Also concur that if you are two in the party and you don't expect to split up for train travel and can travel after the Peak, the Two Together is a great deal.

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A million thanks to you all! This is wonderful information and will surely make planning so much easier!

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Do you want a sim card ahead of time? I can have on posted to you- message me---- I have Giffgaff -- its super cheap you just insert it into your GSM enabled phone and register on their website, but you have to get someone who is part of their network already request giff gaff to send you one. If you have a duel sim enabled GSM phone you can put it in ahead of time, put around $10 USD on it and have service.

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Thank you so much - it is very kind of you to offer and much appreciated. But, I think we'd prefer to wait until we arrive in England - from the other posts, it doesn't appear that we will need a SIM card upon arrival and I'm sure we can easily get one in LIverpool. But - thank you!!!