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Seeing both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace on the same day using Surbiton Coaches...

We visited England in early May 2017 and were able to combine two much desired day trips from London into one day after finding a convenient local shuttle coach service from Windsor Castle to Hampton Court Palace. It was not mentioned in the Rick Steve's Great Britain guidebook. We found Surbiton Coach using a Google search, and it is listed on Trip Advisor. We knew we were planning a lot for one day, but since we found no dedicated public transportation from one sight to the other, this seemed the perfect fit. You must book your day and time in advance, which we did a few weeks before. We arrived in Windsor by 8:15 am by train from London and were among the first waiting for Windsor Castle tours that start at 9:30, which we had advance tickets for. By about noon we were finished, and we had a casual lunch a Thai buffet on Windsor's main street. We met with the Surbiton Coach on the same street at a bus stop near the castle entrance at 1:00 pm. To our relief it was right on time, and friendly driver "Richard" welcomed us aboard with others - then we left promptly for Hampton Court Palace. During the 30 minute drive he gave us a local historical tour as we drove past some sights, such as the meadow with monument where the Magna Carta was signed by noblemen. I was glad to not attempt driving this route in a rental car, as it looked too busy and confusing for this American right-side driver. As promised we were dropped off right at Hampton Court Palace. After touring this oddly interesting home of Henry VIII and later William & Mary (so different from Windsor!) we were able to catch a 4:15 pm Thames River tour boat back to central London (3 hours long). If that seems too slow, there is nearby train service that returns to London less expensively in about 30 minutes, which would also allow spending more time at Hampton Court. The convenient private Surbiton Coach service made our ambitious "two castles in one day" plan possible. It was very nice and productive sightseeing day.

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Or the connection is very easy and scenic by using Southwest Trains, with easy connections at Clapham Junction and Surbiton. And a lovely walk over the Thames to boot. Just about as close at both ends. And frequent, every half hour, so you can go when you want and not have to meet anybody.

Fare £9.30. What was the coach fare?

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£10 so not a lot different it seems in price. And there are four services in the middle of the day separated by 45 mins in each direction. The disadvantage is that you have to pre-book one of them. The advantage is that it is quicker in normal traffic. It is an interesting concept although personally both in a day is a bit of a stretch.

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a question about Windsor Palace.....Can you tour the place on your own at your own pace or do you have to take a tour?