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Seating at Victoria Palace Theatre

Hi all,

I bought seats to Hamilton in upper Grand Circle toward the back center of the section. (37.50 per ticket). I am now going to return them and buy new better tickets. My choices are:

Grand Circle: Rows B, C or D in the center
Royal Circle: Rows J, K, or L in the center; Rows D, G or H on the side
Stalls: Rows R or S on the side; Rows T or U (very back of section in the center)

I'd love any advice. We don't go to the theatre very often so I'm not sure how the overhang or theatre lighting plays into the experience.

Thank you!

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The layout of the Victoria Palace Theatre give a good view from most seats. I do not remember issues with balcony overhangs or lighting obstructing any views.

We went in December and had tickets in the Royal Circle, Row H, just left of center, even the seat to the very side in the Royal Circle were great views. Here is the seating chart link: It might help you in choosing the best option.

It is a great production, so I hope you enjoy it.


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I prefer to sit in the dress circle (called the royal circle in this theatre) for musicals because I like to be able to see the entire stage. I’m short and I often find the rake in the stalls to be insufficient for me to see over the heads of taller people in front of me. It varies by theatre and some people prefer the stalls to be closer to the action. This really is a matter of personal preference. I’d check the seat reviews on theatremonkey (mentioned above) before booking.

I saw Hamilton at the Victoria Palace theatre last year and sat in the Dress Circle seat H18. The sightlines were great. The legroom was atrocious. I am only 5’4” and I couldn’t even sit with my knees straight ahead. I noticed that the very last row of the Royal Circle has great legroom and good sightlines, so I would probably choose that if I went again.

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Google Victoria Palace Theatre and look at the interior photos. Then look at the theatres seating plan.

My seats purchased as a gift were PStall Row H seats 31&32. They were stellar.

However, and this is just a personal preference. I would have purchased tickets in the Royal Circle as I always like to look down on the stage.

Great show, great cast. Have a wonderful time!

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Thank you!

I read everything by the Monkey! Super helpful. Lots of pros and cons.

Any thoughts on Row C or D of the upper Grand Circle vs Row K or L of the Royal Circle or Rows T or U of the Stalls? The Grand Circle seats are a 25 gdp difference (times 5 family members) but not a HUGE deal but I really can't quite figure out which seats would be better.

Is the Grand Circle just way too high up or is being closer to the front of that section better than being in the back of the Stalls or Royal Circle?