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Savings with Carnet 6 Heathrow Express?

Hello, am new to the forum as in posting but have been reading the forum since October 2016. Love it!

My question deals with the best way to save on purchases for 2 of us for all Heathrow Express trips. I think I have worked out the Carnet 6 (6 tickets valid for 12 months) is the best savings. So am looking for suggestions and/or validation with what I think is best for savings.
1) My purchase window (now) is less than 89 days for my first journey on Wednesday 5/10/17 after a 6:35 a.m. arrival at Heathrow. 2 tickets at£22 each total£44 (off peak) Peak is £25 each or 50

(Could travel off peak since next journey on that date is via train from Paddington and leaves at 11:45 a.m. to give us time to clear customs, allow for possible late flight arrival, and buy the Two Together Rail Card at Paddington.)

2) My next journey is on Saturday 5/27/17 from Heathrow. (Weekend saver rates) 2 tickets £8.80 x 2 = £17.60

3) My next journey is 6/14/17 to Heathrow from Paddington for a 10:30 a.m. flight. I don't like to be late so would leave no later than 7 a.m. on the 6/14/17 journey to Heathrow.£50 travel during peak hours on a Wednesday. No option for a return ticket for the tickets purchased on May 10 as return is not within a month of first journey in from Heathrow on May 10.

Looks like I may have convinced myself after stating the above. The carnet tickets are valid for 12 months.There are 6 and there are 3 journeys for 2 people, requiring 6 tickets.The return doesn't work as that ticket is valid for one month from first journey in according to the website. Nowhere do I see where the carnet tickets are only valid for certain travel periods only such as off peak. Am I correct in thinking those are valid at any time, therefore would work for any peak travel time? And financially the carnet at £109.80 beats £117.60 for all peak travel plus the weekend trip or at best£111.60 (savings on tickets on May 10 if travel during off peak)
Thanks, Sonja

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Update to question on savings using carnet of 6 for 6 trips on Heathrow Express
I decided to think about my query which I thought I had answered for myself, but discovered today I had not. And I had erroneously thought costs for two were in fact for each person.
So here's the update: (using GBP because I didn't take the time to learn where to find the GBP symbol on my iPad)
Heathrow Express x 2 Express 30 day Saver Heathrow to Paddington tickets = in GBP 28.60 use at any time on specific date

Heathrow Express x 2 Express 30 day Saver Weekend Heathrow to Paddington = in GBP 17.60 use on specific date
Heathrow Express x 2 Express 30 day Saver Paddington to Heathrow = in GBP 28.60 use at any time on specific date
Total - in GBP 74.80
Carnet of 6 tickets = GBP 109.80
Savings of approximately $44.00.
Had I chose to purchase 90 days out there would have been additional savings.
If you are not shopping for a specific day or in the 30-90 savings window using a Two Together Railcard provides a 34% savings but you may not get those for peak travel times. Since we won't get our Two Together Railcards until we go to Paddington and the fact two out of three trips would be during peak travel this decision was best for DH and me.