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Salisbury on day one

I'm like a hyper puppy right now because of my upcoming trip to England (104 days!!). I've made most of my big decisions already and am now asking for help fine tuning. Arrive at Heathrow, terminal 2 at 8:50 am (hubby and I)
Bb 1. I anticipate arriving at Salisbury's train station between 12:30 and 1:30. Hotel is on St John street, is this walkable?

  1. After chunking luggage at hotel the plan is to walk up to Sarum. Or should we ride a bus? Any place to grab a snack on the way?
  2. Walk to Old Mill through the water meadow and dine there...and then hoof it back over to hotel to let jet lag put us to bed. The Catherdral is my main reason for Salisbury (Thanks to the novel "Sarum") so I'm saving it for the next day.

And finally any recommendation for breakfast? Got a killer deal on a hotel, but no included breakfast :(

No Stonehenge on this leg of trip. Thanks for any advice, approval, recommendations, and ignoring the weird "Bb" (cannot get rid of it!!)!

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Except for, I think Sundays, I'd just take the bus (I know you can get to the park and ride lot right near Sarum) and backtrack to the fort from there as needed. From what I remember of the local roads, they're narrow and there's no sidewalk or shoulder between town and site. As for snacks, I'd probably grab something easily portable near the hotel and keep it in my day bag until hunger hits.

Do check and see if there's an evening concert or other public activity scheduled at the cathedral that night. Sometimes you might get lucky and discover something interesting happening.

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Oh yes, your hotel is within easy walking distance from the station. Are you staying at the Mercure White Hart? I've stayed there before and it's good. There was a B&B I liked better but they book up quickly and if you got a great deal that's wonderful. The location can't be beat.

I've also walked from there to Old Sarum and back and it is doable as well. I will tell you I walked with a group (Road Scholar walking tour) and altho I was following the leader, I did not think this was particularly well marked - or at least the way we went! We did not walk along the road but followed foot-paths. Once you get away from the City Center it's more suburban terrain so no places to pick up food. I agree you should get something before you start out. There are dozens of places in the pedestrian only area.

It's also an easy walk from the White Hart to the Old Mill. You might make a circular walk of it. I will look to see if I have a map I got from my B&B there with extra information on it.

If you have time after the cathedral, go to the Salisbury Museum across the close from the West door of the Cathedral. It's very good and sometimes has excellent special exhibitions on artists who painted in and around Salisbury. Do try to do Evensong at 530. It is wonderful.

As you walk from the station to the hotel you will walk across the end of the water meadow. It's more park-like and less watery-ditchy than I thought it would be but it is beautiful. There are a number of signs along the path that show the viewpoints from where Constable painted.

No recommendations on breakfast - the hotel breakfast was included in my program.

I love Salisbury!

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You may have come across these resources as you did your research, but here they are anyway.

I'm pretty sure this is how we walked to Old Sarum. It's certainly how we left town. Look at walk 2B.

This one is good because it has pictures altho they start at Old Sarum and walk from there toward Salisbury. At Picture 17 we approached from straight on to join this path as we headed out from town.

This one has pictures going in the direction of Old Sarum from Salisbury.

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You might not want to go to Salisbury after the contamination from what happened to the Russian Spy and his daughter.

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There is no reason not to go to Salisbury, it’s a safe town.

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You might not want to go to Salisbury after the contamination from what happened to the Russian Spy and his daughter.

Salisbury is not exactly on lockdown with hundreds of people being contaminated!

Besides, the OP isn't arriving for about two months.

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Thank you for all your prompt and helpful replies. We are staying at the White Hart. No fears about visiting Salisbury. I've done extensive reading about Salisbury/Sarum/Cathederal and no Russian intrigue, no matter how sad or Dispicable, is going to change my desire to visit this beautiful place!

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Don't know what days of the week you will be there, but there is a good locally owned place to eat lunch or dinner overlooking the old market square. The name is Charter 1227 and the address is 6/7 Ox Row at The Market Place. Do believe they are closed Sunday and Monday.

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Yesterday I actually messaged the owners of the small B&B I've stayed in a couple of times just to let them know I was thinking about them and the rest of Salisbury during this shocking time. They indicated they've been out and around (they are walkers) and even walked over to the area where the poisoning happened as some things are back to normal in that area (didn't ask if Zizzi's is reopened).

I would have no issues at all visiting Salisbury so I'm glad you haven't changed your plans!

The White Hart Hotel in Salisbury is part of the Accor Mercure chain and very easy to find.