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Safety Woman Traveling alone

Are there common areas that a female tourist would travel in London alone that should be avoided? It's obvious to stay among other people and off dark roads or alleys alone. I will be traveling on both sides of the Thames.
Thank you in advance for any insights.

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Thanks, Emma.

I don't yet have specific plans in the city, but I love to walk.

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Hi Susan: I have been to London several times alone and found it to be safe. As Emma said, you still need to be alert and know your surroundings around you. But you know that already. I found the London Walks to be wonderful. Not only do they have great walks during the day but they have great pub walks at night. If you have not been to London or on a London Walks, it really is a great way to meet people and see London and go out at night. All walks start at a tube station and end near a tube station. On the pub walks, you go to three pubs and as I said they end near a tube station. Their website has been improved and now they tell you not only the tube they meet at but the tube they end at which is very helpful in plotting your way back to your hotel. No reservations and you just show up rain or shine! Just google London Walks. They also have some day trips that I have not gone on yet, but will in the future.

I am going back to London this spring and looking forward to seeing more of London. Also the men and women that work for the tube are very helpful which makes it a relief when trying to get to museums and sites. I went to Hampton court by train and it was very easy. This year I am going to Kew Gardens for the day.

Have a great time.

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I stayed at the Premier Inn County Hall (near Waterloo Station) this year, and I walked back to the hotel alone in the evening (though not super-late at night) several times, from both the west (crossing over Westminster Bridge) and from the north. On earlier trips I went to plays in the evening and returned to my lodgings north of Notting Hill Gate tube station after 10 PM. Never a problem, though I admit that the street I walked along in Notting Hill was usually deserted at that hour. In truth, it didn't have that many people out and about at other times, either.

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Wonderful! Thank you! These are great suggestions.

I am also staying on the Waterloo side of the Thames for the first time. I have been to London a few times, but have never had time on my own. I'm actually looking forward to it.

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I have done much of my leisure travel alone both before I was married and when my husband could not get the same vacation days that I could. For business, I am always traveling alone.

Wherever you go, it is all about common sense. Just like in the US or Canada, walk where there are people. Don’t walk in alleys where there is nobody. When taking public transport, don’t go into empty carriages on the tube and keep your purse closed whether you are in the tube or taking the bus. Again, it is all common sense.

Just have fun and use your brain. 😊

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Returning again as a solo female traveler in December.

Have been numerous times and have stayed in a variety of neighborhoods and accommodations over the years. Hotels and AirBnB’s in Bayswater, Holland Park, Russell Square, Islington, Paddington, Kensington, Queens Park, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Earls Court to name a few.

Have I ridden the tube late at night or at 6am? Yes.
Have I sat in a pub solo and enjoyed a drink? Yes.
Have I walked into unlit alley ways at night? No.

In all my visits I’ve not felt fearful or unsafe.

I’ve never carried a purse but do use a small Baggallini backpack. As Emma says move it to the front when on a crowded bus or tube train. Also use a money belt.

Use common sense, be practical and use the to help plot your travel routes.

Great city. Enjoy it!!!

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I have been in London more than a dozen time in the past decade, most recently in October. As Emma and Claudia said, there aren’t really an no go areas, especially in the heart of the tourist area. I use the same precautions as I do in any large city.


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I have traveled to London several times on my own and have always felt perfectly safe. Being directionally impaired, I agree that the Tube staff have always been exceptionally kind in helping me figure out where I am going! 😁

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Just echoing what the others have said. I've spent a great deal of time in London, alone, over the past 10 years. I've never felt uneasy about anywhere I've been in the city. I've been on the tube at all hours and never had issues. Just conduct yourself as you would in any big city.