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Safest area for a solo female traveler

Hello all,
I'll be in London for a work conference but am extending my stay to see a few sights & shop (I've been before) and will change hotels. I only have a few days to extend and want to be near a cafe, Liberty London, shopping and tube station. So many choices and I really have to watch the budget too (who doesn't? ). Any help is appreciated.

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Liberty London in Mayfair; the most expensive zip code in London?
Do not stay in Paddington. Just no. Not a wonderful experience, and I wasn't a solo female traveler.
What about Notting Hill?

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Female solo traveler ( by choice ) who has visited London for over 50 years. Have stayed in such neighborhoods as Paddington, SoHo, Richmond, Pimlico, Bayswater, Camden Town, Islington, Marylebone, Holland Park and Hampstead.
In hotels, AirBnB’s and a private home.

You said you’ve been before and then say want to watch the budget what does that mean? What’s the amount you are willing to pay in one of the most expensive cities on the planet?

Why not research the Hub by Premier Inn in SoHo?
See if it meets your criteria?

10-15 minute walk to Liberty. Both Oxford Circus or Piccadilly Circus Tube Stations are close and there is the Le Express Coffee Company cafe.

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While on the subject of Premier Hubs, we’ve stayed at the one behind Kings Cross station which is handy for Coal Drop Yard area, not mention the area around Kings X, British Library, etc. Reasonably priced, automated check in/out (while only overnighting never saw a human staff member) and modern pleasant rooms, although so small large luggage an encumbrance and cat swinging not an option.

Travelodge is a budget chain, but I prefer Premier inn who do much the same thing, but a tad more up market. I’ve stayed at a fair few, and in London to boot, and they (Travelodges) are OK for a couple of days, but avoid Aldgate East which looks to be brilliantly situated, opposite the Tower of London, but in reality is right next to railway tracks with attendant rumble and noise from dawn till (very) late.


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I've stayed in the Premier Inn in Kings Cross and while not luxurious, the rooms are clean, the beds were comfy and it was close to the Piccadilly Tube which takes you everywhere. There's a shopping center close by with a supermarket and restaurants and pubs.

You can always take the Tube to Liberty or wherever you want to go.

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I appreciate all the replies - truly:)

Anyone ever stay at the Park Grand Hyde Park? More concerned about walkability/safety than price at this point. Many thanks!

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I’d say that pretty much all of Central London is a safe area for a lone female traveller, subject to the usual caveats about phone snatches and public drunkenness.

I’m not sure why you’re focusing on Hyde Park - other more central areas like Soho, Fitzrovia, Marylebone etc are (a) nearer to Liberty and (b) feel nice and buzzy, with shops and restaurants galore and (c) walkability.

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It's 24 minutes walk to Marble Arch and 44 minutes to Liberty. I'd put it down as not a bad choice in terms of location for that end of town, if the OP is getting a good deal on a room. You'd probably be more expensive in Soho [edit: for equivalent, I see others have suggested PI Hub].

I like to recommend Bloomsbury as somewhere to get a deal on a room if you're interested in the west end. Several on here have recommended Celtic Hotel, which I'd be inclined to look at, given where I'm from and what foot I kick with.

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Squarely in Fitzrovia, but just a few blocks from both Marylebone and Soho, and less than a 15-minute (safe) walk from Liberty, is the B&B we’ve stayed at on all our London visits since 2020: 122 Great Titchfield St. B&B. Mike and Wendy provide a great breakfast to order, and there are cafes, restaurants, and shops all around. Several Tube stations are very close. In addition to being safe, it’s also remarkably affordable for London. They only have three rooms: small, medium, and a larger room that doubles as a self-catering apartment.

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You’ve gotten great suggestions.

OP the Hub Premier Inn I suggested is in a safe neighborhood. Why are you now stating you’re more concerned about walkabilty and safety than price?

Born was Truman was in office. As previously stated over the years have stayed in a variety of neighborhoods.

In 2022 chose to stay in Richmond as I wasn’t interested in central London. One night attended a performance of Witness of the Prosecution at County Hall. Took the tube. Walking back around 11pm from the Quadrant to the home I was staying at was a good 25 minutes. Took a short cut which involves leaving the backside of station, climbing a flight of stairs, crossing the bridge over the train tracks and then walking along Lower MortLake Rd. Well lit side walk. Nary an issue or fear.

Another trip stayed in Bayswater at the Vancouver Studios. Theatre every night so got used disembarking near midnight at the Bayswater tube station and walking around the block to Vancouver Studio Apartments.

I walk with purpose and never use ear buds. Prefer hearing what’s happening around me.

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Hyde Park/Mayfair are very good choices, and there are several options. I believe Rick favors Knightsbridge which is only a little down the road and has a store called Harrods.

Also speaking of shopping, you might peruse the Youtube vlogs of Hannah Ricketts who is very much into that sort of thing and has gone everywhere (including Liberty).

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Since safety is in the title of your thread, just to let you know that it doesn't need to influence where you stay in central London. It's all equally safe. Right in Soho or Seven Dials there's quite a lot going on until quite late so that's something to consider, but it's no threat to your safety.

The area of the Hyde Park Grand will be much quieter at night. You won't have so many chi-chi bakeries and cafes on your doorstep there though. Your room will be better than what you'd get for the money closer into the action though. You're stuck with a few minutes walk to both Paddington and Lancaster Gate tube stations, but the number 7 bus seems to be the handy one for the west end. Little Venice and the middle eastern eateries of Edgware Road are close.

The women in the thread are much better placed to speak on safety than me, but don't let it worry you. I think the main thing in cities is feeling safe, the chances of something bad actually happening are really small. How safe you feel depends on loads of things, but if you're fine going about your business alone in town at home, you'll be fine. If you have any city experience at all it won't seem daunting hopefully. It's a lot easier than some places because everyone speaks english. I've never been stuck talking to a stranger who doesn't speak english here. Women go about London as a necessity of making a living all day and night, but everyone is more conscious of women's safety anywhere than ever these days hopefully.

Doing a bit of shopping and going to a cafe is definitely less risky than seeing some of the popular tourist sites. The biggest risk in London is pickpocketing. The big tourist sites are where I'd watch out. I mentioned before on here, as a local I might batten down the hatches a little and be on my guard going through a few of the central London tube stations. Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus and Leicester Square might cause me to be conscious of where my phone and wallet are. I've always just carried my stuff in my pockets and never lost anything. It does happen though. Not really a safety issue generally, but an annoyance and the feelings that go with having something nicked.

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pumpkin5, I just returned from a solo trip to London (and other parts of England) and never felt unsafe (I'm female). In London, I stayed at the Premier Inn County Hall in South Bank and loved that area. It was a 10 minute walk to Westminster Abbey (a quick walk over Westminster Bridge) and about a 30 minute walk to Covent Garden. And I walked throughout London in the evening/night time and never was alarmed. There are so many people out and the vibe is just great.

If you stay at any of the locations named here, you will be fine.

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I second phred's suggestion to check out Hannah Rickett's vlogs on Youtube. Mostly shopping and lots of fun!