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Ryanair Baggage

I just order a bag that is 31x19x11
60” linear... I had read that Ryanair allowed a checked bag to be 20kg. Isn’t that 50lbs? I’m in Europe for a month.

20 kg is 44 lbs. A very quick Google conversion showed me that figure.

Are you checking luggage? I’m not sure what your question is, really - but Ryanair are strict on luggage so make sure yours fits the weight & size requirements.

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Ryanair allow you to purchase up to 60kg checked in baggage as no more than 3 items each. Each item can be no more than 32kg and size 119x119x81cm. They are very strict about this so I would stick to metric measurements as that’s what they will be using.
How much you feel you need for your holiday and are prepared to lug about is up to you.
I don’t know about Easyjet as I rarely use them as they don’t fly from my local airport. Remember to check in online for both and have printed or mobile boarding passes (the apps are easier I think).