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Royal Oak Foundation

I am planning a trip to England in Oct, but do not have definite plans yet. Is it a good idea to join the Royal Oak Foundation to get the free pass to the National Trust buildings?

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Its hard to answer your question without more details.

Is this a first trip?

What cities/areas do you want to travel to?

Do you like to see historical buildings? I assume yes for this question. ;)

I'm taking a first time trip to Edinburgh and London in June. Looking over the list, none of my "classic" Edinburgh or London attractions seem to be covered on the Royal oak list. No Tower of London, no Edinburgh Castle, etc...

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We are traveling to the UK in Apr/May and I joined the Royal Oak Foundation to get the free passes to National Trust buildings. Up to 9 of the castles/houses (none of them in London) that we want to visit are National Trust. It will be worth it for us. Plus, it is a US charity and the membership (or whatever you give) is a tax-free donation if you itemize your taxes. I would suggest you decide what you want to visit that belongs to the National Trust and then do the math. It may or may not be worth it for you.

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Yes, I guess I need a more definite plan. This is my second trip as an adult so I want to hit Cambridge, Bury St. Edmunds and York. I also hope to stay 2 weeks. I would think the book and newsletter would be worth the price even if I don't see many of the sites.

Thanks for the input. Will do the math!