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Robin Hood's Bay to London

After finishing the Wainwright C2C hike wife and I need to leave RHB for London and then on to Paris thru the Chunnell...any info RE
Travel time to London after taking the bus to whitby or Scarborough?
Info on how to get from London Euston to St Pancars station to catch the Eurostar to Paris?

Thanks in advance

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Whitby to London Kings Cross is about 5 hours, whilst it’s about 3 hours from Scarborough to Kings Cross, changing trains for both options at York (also change at Thornaby from Whitby). You don’t go to Euston.

Kings Cross and St Pancras stations are adjacent.

Please don’t call it the Chunnel - it hasn’t been known as that for 20 years and annoys many Brits. It’s the tunnel, channel tunnel or in your case, the Eurostar service. Allow at least an hour before departure at St Pancras. Personally, with the vagaries of the English rail system, I would not attempt Whitby to France on the same day.

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Bus to Scarborough, then train to London (King's Cross), walk across the road to St Pancras for the Eurostar to Paris.

Where are you staying after your arrival in Robin Hood's Bay?
I think this is do-able in one day, I have done Scarborough-London-Paris in one day. But you need to get to Scarborough station early, which may mean an overnight in Scarborough. is one of the few sites that will sell you tickets Scarborough - Paris in one transaction.
Three trains required, for example:

09:46 Scarborough 10:36 York
10:57 York 12:49 London Kings Cross
14:22 London St. Pancras International 17:47 Paris Nord

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We were in RHB two years ago, and while I can't give insight for London travel times (we went on to Edinburgh), I will say that the buses ran more frequently to Scarborough and the train station is right across the street from the bus drop point.

However, if you've never been to RHB before, I'd highly recommend that you pause there a few days before moving on if you're able; it's truely a magnificent and unique place. There are a ton of accommodation choices, and you also might welcome a chance to take a breather (and do your laundry!) after a full C2C walk.