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River Tour/London Eye Combo

Is it fairly easy to find river tour & London Eye combo tickets if you don't reserve in advance? And are there several river tour operators to choose from that offer the same combo packs? I think we will walk to the London Eye/south bank area after our kids perform across the river at the Victoria Embankment Gardens/band shell area. They perform from 2pm to about 3:30pm and then we are on our own for dinner and sightseeing. we'd probably have to walk over after the concert to catch the boat ride before they end for the evening. We could also just ride the Eye if we miss the boats, I suppose. Any other ideas that are good to consider for that area? We'd also want to find dinner somewhere in that area.

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The London Eye tends to be more fun if the weather is good. If you lock yourselves into a time you may find you prefer a different time.

The river has quite a little armada of boats going up and down it now, it should be easy to catch a ride without a special combo ticket.

At least that's how I would do it...

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I agree with Nigel, it will be all about Mother Nature. No use taking a cruise or riding the Eye if weather is not amenable! This might be a part of your visit where flexibility plays a role. Oh and if you like fish
in Covent Garden is good.

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Thank you both! I was concerned with reservations having no idea how we will feel (day 3 of travel so might have some jet lag) and what the weather will be like.

And, that fish restaurant looks great! Fish and chips are a must do for us in London! ;)