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RingGo Parking App Issue Cornwall / Beyond

My wife and I are on a driving tour in the south England. Much of the parking requires coins or the RingGo Parking App. It seems that the app will not send a verification code to a US number. We have tried numerous iterations of the country code +1, 001 000,1 etc. No SMS code.

There is a phone number to call to pay by credit. We did that once when we didn't have enough coins. It took 3 tries before it took our information and it required us to call a second number.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Do you miss off the first 0 of your number after you add the country code? So try 001 then your number but without the initial 0

Registering for a million different parking apps is one of the annoyances of 21st century life in this country.

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the help page on the laptop version reads

Verification code was not received If you encounter challenges
receiving your verification code during the registration process, it
could be that you already have an account. All RingGo accounts are
registered by mobile number.

Reset Your Password with Your Mobile Number:

If you haven't received your verification code, try resetting your
password instead by clicking here and providing your mobile number.

Reset Your Password via Email:

Alternatively, should the mobile number option prove ineffective,
click here and initiate a password reset using your email address.

If these steps do not resolve the issue and you continue to experience
difficulties, we encourage you to contact our dedicated support team
through Live Chat. We are committed to providing the necessary
assistance to ensure your successful registration process.

The laptop version has a chat feature. Maybe the app does too... That's what I'd do.

It will benefit you - there are RingGo parking areas all over the place, including all of the City of Westminster, so best to get it taken care of.

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A work around that I used was registering online at their website, instead of through the app:

Once there, select "landline" and enter your cell # with the 01 country code, and then put in the info. they require, including your email address. At the end of the registration process, it will send a security code, which can be sent to your email address. Once you put that in, your account is active. You can then log in using the app.

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Thank you,Helen, Nigel, and Sara for your comments and suggestions.

I have tried all your suggestions and more to no avail including various international calling code number combinations, the so called live chat which is actually a virtual assistant that for whatever reason does not respond.

I did use the website and tried logging in that way. Unfortunately there is no longer any way to enter a landline and get an email response.

What I did notice on the website is a phone number to call for technical assistance. I will do that after the Bank Holiday so as to have the best chance to reach someone. We are in Falmouth now and so far I have not needed any paid parking .

I will report back after I call and reach someone in a few days .

Meanwhile, we are enjoying ourselves.

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I couldn't get it to work either using the app. I'm in the U.S. preparing, and I used the website, and the option of an email confirmation instead of the text message. I checked the app after successfully registering, and I CAN login using the phone number I put in my registration. We will see how it actually works in country.

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If you’re also going to Cornwall it’s not just Ringo that you’ll need but there are so many I’d wait until you get there to see what else will be useful and/or keep a stash of pound coins in the car. Cornwall is really bad for this because a lot of the car parks are privately owned and use many different method of payment. You need to read all signs carefully.

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When I try and register on the website it requires both a phone number and an email. And then the next screen is for the sms message. There is no option for an email confirmation. But I am accessing the website from here in Cornwall and using my phone,so maybe you are seeing something I am not.

Helen, thanks for the heads up about other apps and signage. We will be diligent .We are collecting coins to have on hand since we have the car for another 2 weeks or so in Cornwall and the Jurassic Coast before dropping it off in Exeter and taking the train to Bristol and later back to London.

Here in Falmouth it has not been an issue as parking at the guesthouse we are staying has free street parking and a number of places we are visiting are National Trust lots and we have a membership. It through me in Plymouth as street parking at our apartment was pay with RingGo and the coin machines were broken. I did find a lot nearby that took credit cards.

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We later found that in much of Devon and Cornwall, where we spent almost 3 weeks, other than in Plymouth ,most pay machines at parking lots were updated to include tap payment with credit cards. Once we saw that we abandoned our effort to get the RingGo App to accept our US phone number.

And besides we visited a lot of National Trust properties and parking areas and since we had purchased an annual pass,our parking was free. We just had to display our cards. BUT, If not for our membership we would have had a similar issue. The machines there did not have a credit card option,and no RingGo option.
They use another app....PayByPhone. Helen had earlier mentioned that there were other apps used besides RingGo.

By the way we are now in Bristol, carless,but I noted today that the parking payment machines here are similar to Plymouth. No cards,coins or RingGo.

Carry coins!

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They don’t like to make it easy for you that’s for sure. I hope you’ve enjoyed Bristol today in the sun.

It’s worth joining the National Trust if you are going to be using a lot of their car parks. It’s generally £5 to park and they want coins. Very often there is no phone signal to use the pay by phone option.

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Reporting back: RingGo didn't work for me where I planned to use it either. I had taken out a little cash at at ATM attached to a bank when it was open (at my credit union's suggestion), then I walked inside and got change with this possibility in mind.

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I tried to use RingGo last year in Scotland and had the same problem. However, when i got home, I downloaded it and they sent some information that should have solved the problem.

That said, I wound up not using it this year in England, because every car park I went to had a tap and pay option, including Devon and Cornwall. I also had a National Trust membership so got free parking in all their car parks.