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Rick Steves Point to Point Rail Travel in Great Britain

How accurate is Rick Steves point to point for rail travel in G Britain. Other sources vary. Thanks.

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Rick always shows anytime ticket prices. You can always get tickets a lot cheaper by going off peak and buying train specific advance nonrefundable tickets.

For UK, look at

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The website gives you the full set of fares between two points, but isn't the most friendly presentation if you aren't familiar with all the terminology.

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I’m sure whatever is on the Rick Steves’ website is accurate. But is it the best information for you?

There are a number of regular posters who have a wealth of knowledge and can give you the best advice. However, if you want the best advice, you’ll need to say which journeys you're thinking about and (roughly ) when.

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Actually, the GB map shows Off-Peak, not Any Time rates, in dollars, converted at an exchange rate of £1 = $1.30. If you have to add two points together, then you can usually round down a bit. As noted on the same page, roundtrip discounts are also available when you're taking day trips, even without advance purchase, so you wouldn't double those.

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If you look at, look at 11-12 weeks out and you will be able to get really great cheaper tickets. We always use point to point tickets.

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Given the amount of money involved potentially, I think it is worth spending some minutes reading this guide, which includes advice on when a pass could be worthwhile:

I haven't tried to check, but I think the problem with the RS map is not between peak/off-peak fares, but that it assumes you want a "walk up" ticket. Lower down RS does explain there are big savings from booking in advance (and also restrictions). I think one thing you need to consider is how you travel. Is it likely you will wake up one morning in London and decide to go to Edinburgh, then next morning decide to go to Cardiff? I exaggerate for effect, but if you do want great flexibility for many long-distance journeys then a pass may well be sensible. Otherwise, and this I think is most of us tourists, I suspect it won't be.