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RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2023

The HCP Garden Festival will be going on during my visit to London and, as a keen backyard gardener, I'd love to attend. My question: Is it worth going for the whole day or is a (cheaper) 3pm ticket enough to satisfy? I'm just a bit reluctant to dedicate a whole day to the Festival but will, if a 3pm entrance ticket really won't give a decent experience.

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I've not been to the RHS' Hampton Court show but I have been to several other RHS events. I would expect this to be a big show with a great deal to see and I would struggle to see what I wanted only arriving after 3pm. However, in your situation with presumably a limited time to see all you want to see and if the price was significantly discounted I would contemplate doing that.
As you might have seen on another thread I would put it as more interesting than the Chelsea Flower Show!

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Thanks for the reply, Johnew52.
The Festival is 10am-6:30pm. Full day ticket cost is £36.85 while a 3pm ticket is £28.85 (non-member pricing).
More so than the cost, my dithering is mostly centered on whether to give up an entire day to the activity. But I do love gardening...!
I don't know just how big this particular Festival is, and if it can be "done" well enough in 3.5 hours.
EDIT: I have been considering going round the Palace itself for the earlier part of the day, then going into the Garden Festival. The last time I visited HCP was about 5 years ago and I didn't see as much as I would have liked due to an untimely hip injury which limited my tolerance of extended walking periods.

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Assuming the Palace itself is open as normal on garden festival days I would then go for the full day - Palace in the morning and festival after 3pm. But hopefully someone with more detailed knowledge of the festival will be along to help.

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For the rest of us who are wondering if it would coincide with our trips, the Dates are July 4-9th.