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Renewing vows in London

Hi all,

So many wonderful suggestions on this forum! My husband and I are just outside of the newlywed years (timewise and mentally). :) We're taking a trip to London for our anniversary this year, and we would like to find a place to renew our vows - no guests, just us and the person doing it. I see that the various boroughs of London offer this service, and am having some trouble finding other venues that aren't intended for wedding-size parties - does anyone have any recommendations, either for particularly nice borough offices, independent celebrants, or similar places you've enjoyed for this in the London area?

We're looking for somewhere charming and friendly - we were married in a rather uninspiring judge's office in the US, so a pretty setting or a neat old building is a plus. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, we'd just like to make it meaningful and memorable.

Thanks in advance!

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