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Remembrance Sunday

Just wondering what is opened/closed on Remembrance Sunday in the UK. I am looking at being in London around that time next year. In Canada we always observe Remembrance Day on November 11 and federal offices are closed but stores and museums are opened. Public Transportation runs as a regular day (with free transportation for veterans and active service members in uniform)


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unless you are near the Cenotaph, or another war memorial around 11 am, there won't be any significant change from a normal Sunday.

If you are near church bells when they are pealing on Remembrance Sunday you may notice that they are "half-muffled", especially on cathedrals and larger churches which have enough ringers to prepare the clappers.

One thing I noticed about this weekend which is very unusual - I had to pop into a John Lewis yesterday for a couple of lightbulbs (first time for me into a department store since February 2020, but I had to) and the queues at the checkouts were absolutely huge. People are scared that supplies will be scarce near Christmas and moved last minute shopping up 6 weeks. The mall was absolutely heaving.

I hate panic buying - now the new normal. (Nigel steps off soapbox)...

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Places may not actually shut on either 11 November (fell on Thursday this year) or on Remembrance Sunday (14 November this year) but please be sensitive coming up to 11.00 am on both days as there will often be two minutes silence observed at 11.00 on both days. There may be a bell or other sound played to mark the beginning and end of the silence but there may be no announcement (like today in the breakfast cafe I was in) as people are expected to be aware of the days and time.

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Thank you for the information. I will be sure to be aware of the time and observe the protocal. I am usually in school on the day and we observe at a school wide assembly. If it is on a weekend some stores observe a moment of silence, sadly some people are not pleased like the person in line behind me a Costco a few years ago.