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Remembrance Day in London

We are tentatively planning to be in London in early November 2019. Is anyone aware of special celebrations that are held regularly in London. Clearly there will be many different church services, but are there any other locations or events that are often planned. Just thinking ahead.

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Excellent. Thank you Emma. Sounds very similar to events that occur throughout Canada. I'll do some google mapping when we get closer to our trip.

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They are acts of commemoration and remembrance. Please don’t use the term “celebration” here, as you may cause offence to some people.

You won’t go far without seeing some form of commemoration, with Whitehall being the largest.

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Jennifer - point taken. A slip on my part. You're right - it is definitely a time to reflect on sacrifices made and remember those who have lost their lives.

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Susan, nearly every town and village in the UK has a "War Memorial" built after WW1 and listing all the inhabitants of that town or village killed in the war. They have a second plaque added listing the dead from WW2. They are often to be found near the church, or some other central location like the town square. Most will have wreaths on them around 11th November.
For example, this webpage has photos of the one in the town I grew up in, and lists the 356 names on it:

The Cenotaph in London is the national War Memorial.

In the weeks before 11th November, people will be selling "poppies" in the street, collecting money for soldiers charities. Many people wear the red artificial poppies sold. The symbolise the poppies on the WW1 Flanders battlefields.

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, you may remember some episodes where they discussed building one in that (fictitious) village.