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Relocating to UK

After a vacation last year to London my wife & I would like to return to see more. We were curious how its feasible to relocate there for a year & work. I've tried to contact the UK gov. & local UK employers to inquire about work visa's but haven't got very far. So I thought some of you may have some insight. I've read some of the archived articles, Thank you.

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Unless you have a UK passport or your company sponsors you to relocate, it is increasingly difficult to get a work visa, as the UK is trying to reduce inward migration.

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depends what work you do

if you have in-demand special skills then it might be quite possible

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You may have already checked this website, but if not it will provide a description of the various Visas for working in the U.K......

Your profile doesn't indicate where you're located, but you might try paying a visit to the nearest U.K. Embassy and talk to them in person.

Good luck!

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You could try a back door entry by first getting Polish citizenship then:

You can apply for a registration certificate if you’re a citizen of a
European Economic Area (EEA) country and want to prove your right to
live or work in the UK.

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Looks like the path into the UK would be easier through Ireland:

Mary Heanue, Inishturk development officer, said: "Our big concern is
employment and trying to encourage families to move over here because
the population is declining.

"I've heard there are quite a few people in America looking to move to
Ireland and other countries if Donald Trump becomes president. I'd
like them to know that we'd love to see them consider moving over

According to leading media website Mashable, Ireland represents one of
the best options for US citizens looking to flee from a country run by
President Trump.

However, you need to do this before the UK exists the EU.

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I have not heard anything to suggest that Irish citizens will lose their long standing status with regards to living and working in the UK if the UK leaves the EU ie they can come and go as they please.

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I don't think the question relates to Irish citizens - the border logically would have to be controlled to prevent Ireland being used as an open back door entry to the UK by any that would have lost their right to direct free entry that they presently have.