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Recommended guide for London sights

I am taking a small group of teenagers to London in March and want to hire a guide for a few days to help us get the most out of key sights and some walking tours. There are lots of guides listed on the guild sites. I am looking for recommendations on great, engaging guides based on travelers experiences. Any particular individuals you would recommend based on great experience?

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Tom Hooper is excellent. He's on the list and is likely listed in the Rick Steves guidebook as well.
Brian Hicks (had to do some crafty Googling to figure out his last name) is also Blue Badge and an entertaining guide who does tours for London Walks.

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Gillian Chadwick is wonderful. She was our "local guide" on our 7 day London tour last February. She's a Blue Badge Guide so you know she's knowledgeable; very approachable, a lovely sense of humor, and I think she'd be great with teens. Highly recommended! You can check her out in the Guide Interviews section of this website.

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I will suggest to go for Tom Hooper, He has good list and well manage options for traveler according to days and budget.

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Tom and Gillian are both great. I just did Westminster Abbey with Gillian and got so much out of it. I would recommend them both or even mix it up for variety.

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This is Ann Marie-I don't have her last name, but she's a Blue Badge wearer and she guided a London Walks tour that we did. She was fascinating and knew everything. I'm sure you can locate her, highly recommended.

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I very highly recommend Sally Botwright, also Blue Badge, at She's funny and absolutely wonderful.

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These are exactly the kinds of recommendations I was hoping for! Thank you. Any others?

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I would add another Blue Badge guide who I thoroughly enjoyed on a one-week special tour she put together for me and a small group back in 2010, about Chaucer's time, Canterbury Tales and medieval London and Southeast England. She lives in London.
Sarah Reynolds.