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Recommendations for Covid testing

I am traveling to London Dec. 24 and then returning to the USA on Dec. 30th. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions, recommendations, or advice for Day 2 tests that they used that worked well for them. I am staying at the Premier Inn County Hall (near London Eye). How easy and smart is it just to get the test in the airport?

I'd also appreciate any advice for getting the test for returning to the USA. Any companies that you've used that were particularly good or bad. I appreciate the advice of fellow travelers. Thank you!

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Following. We are traveling soon. Most of the test sites are delivering only to locations in the UK. I'd rather not depend on hotel staff to receive packages.

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Getting the test when you arrive at the airport on 24 Dec (day 0) makes sense as the next days are Christmas day (day 1) and Boxing Day (day 2) when everything will be closed. Plus, arranging to have a test sent to your UK address to arrive on or before the 24th is not guaranteed with the Christmas post.

Returning to the US, book a test at Boots

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I used this company twice in the last six weeks for my day 2 tests.

They will send the test out overnight on the day you arrive. Take the test in your room and send a photo of it to them on their website. (But you might want to have them send it out so it arrives on the 24th.) I used their online chat with a question and they replied right away.

For your return, I agree with the suggestion of Boots.

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We plan to use the same company that does them at the airport, but take it at the Paddington Station walk-up site. There are other sites around town and there may be one closer to where you’re staying. On the website, the other sites are in a drop-down list.

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Also, it seems that the USA does accept the rapid test to for American citizens returning. Is this correct? I appreciate your help! I am traveling alone and therefore really appreciate this community.