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Rabbies tours

Anyone done a Rabbles tour? Would you recommend this tour company. Looking at a tour of Ireland.

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I haven’t taken one of their tours, but I have seen excellent reports of their operation in Scotland. I have seen their vehicles when I have had independent holidays in Scotland.

I didn’t realise they covered other countries.

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I was happy with one of their Scotland tours a few years ago. I will likely use them again in the future.

I have done two Rabbie’s single-day trips in Scotland. I enjoyed them. I recommend them. If you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer them for you. An acquaintance did a multi-day trip with Rabbie’s and liked it very much.

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FWIW, haven't done any of their tours (canceled due to Covid), but I will say working with them to get carryover credits to use when we can again travel has been one of the best experiences travel-wise I've ever had and definitely by far the best in the past year+. If their tours are anything close to being as good as they have been to work with on this, I'm looking forward to a fabulous experience!

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"I will say working with them to get carryover credits to use when we can again travel has been one of the best experiences travel-wise I've ever had and definitely by far the best in the past year+."

KimmieK, that is so very good to hear. I know this last year has been awful for the smaller companies and it's so refreshing to hear they have been excellent to work with.

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We did their one day Scotland tour and had booked a multi-day one in England for Mar 2020, so you can see that we were quite pleased(and my husband is not normally a fan of group bus tours).

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I took the one day tour in 2019 to Melrose Abbey and Rosslyn Chapel and would highly recommend them. Love the vans, small groups, self directed touring. I enjoyed the day immensely and can highly recommend their company.

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I have taken a few of their day tours and recommend them highly. I haven't done any multi-day tours with them but I am thinking about it.

You won't be on a big bus but a 16 passenger coach. It has it's advantages. I took a tour with them to Skye. We were lucky as there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The driver/guide took advantage of this and drove us up some back road up to the top (near the top) that offered views of the mainland. A big bus wouldn't have fit.

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We have done 3 in Scotland and one in England. I highly recommend the company. One in Scotland and the one in England were overnight. They booked the accommodations based on what I selected as far as type of lodging I wanted. Both places were delightful. Very good tour guides who give you lots of info as you drive. Small vans. The tour in England only had 4 people on the van, but it went anyway. The Scottish guides wear kilts. The Outlander tour we did there was full. I am not an Outlander fan, but my daughter is, and she like the locations we visited. I would definitely use them again.

If you are not comfortable with driving in Ireland, I think it is a good idea because public transportation outside the cities is sparse. I have not looked at their tour of Ireland, but it would be easier than driving if you are uncomfortable with that idea.

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in spring, 2019, I booked a Rabbie's tour of the cotswolds and oxford, a day trip. They had an unusual situation with one driver not showing up. They not only refunded my money, but offered me a complimentary trip the next time we were in England. It was an unfortunate situation, but they were very, very nice about it. When we finally did take the tour, that fall, we had a wonderful time and we are still savoring those memories. I wouldn't hesitate to take a multi-day tour, based on their model of guiding you on the way, interspersed with great music in a relaxing van, and then letting you loose to explore.