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Questions for National Rail Experts

I have a couple of questions for the National Rail experts:

1) Can I buy a seven-day Travelcard to start at a future date? I will be passing through Alexandra Palace station a couple of days before I want to start my Travelcard, and I won't be starting my Travelcard use at a National Rail station. Also, does my wife need to get her photocard in person, or can I bring both photos myself (assuming I also do this in advance)?

2) I will be taking a day-trip to Windsor from London. It seems most people originate at Paddington, but I will be staying closer to Ealing Broadway. Is there an advantage to originating from Paddington (possibly more frequent service)? Also, the National Rail website indicates that discounted Windsor Castle tickets can be purchased in advance at any staffed train station. Does anyone have experience with this?


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Q1 Yes.

Q1b. Probably, but I can't say with certainty.

Q2. I prefer the GWR route from Paddington because it is faster, slightly cheaper, and (after a quick change at Slough) arrives just across the street from the castle at Windsor and Eton Central.

The Southwest trains from Waterloo is slower, slightly more expensive, and arrives below the back of the castle at Windsor and Eton Riverside.

Q2b. dunno, but my memory is that it is a train plus castle combo. I haven't looked but I thought that was a Southwest only deal. But I'm likely wrong.

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From here:

It looks like the Windsor Castle ticket is just a reduced price entrance fee to the castle. Both Great Western and Southwest trains appear to participate.

I havent done this one, but I have in the past done one for Warwick Castle, which was a little more pricey but did include a return train ticket.

On the travelcard, from here:

It does look like you can order the travelcard in advance.

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Ealing Broadway is a station on the route between Paddington and Slough ( where you change for Windsor ). There is no point in going back to Paddington.