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Questions about required Covid-19 test upon entry to England

Hi everyone!

My sister and I planned a trip to Greece a while back and on the way home to the US we have a 12 hour layover in Heathrow. I have read that you need to have a negative Covid-19 test even if your are just stopping in the airport. I have recovered from Covid-19 within three months of this trip (I am vaccinated and took precautions, however, it got me in the end). The CDC said that you can still get a positive Covid-19 test within three months of recovering from covid. I have proof of recovery which is needed to reenter the US, however, I am nervous about this layover in Heathrow and have a few questions.

Does anyone know if having proof of recovery is sufficient? I have done a lot of research and have only found that I am required to have a negative Covid test within 3 days of arriving. I am nervous that I will get a positive test if I do this because I had Covid in the last 3 months.

Another issue is that the 12 hour layover is during the night. We were just planning on sitting in the airport for the whole time but does anyone know if this is allowed?

With the Delta strain out there, and the many different Covid rules in each country, I am starting to doubt if this trip can happen. Especially sense I recovered from Covid within the last three months. Anyway, would love to hear any advice or suggestions!

Thank you

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Take a test now and see what it says. My understanding is that a positive test trumps all. After all, if you're carrying the virus, you're threat to others, and that's what they're worried about, not your personal status. The delta variant changed everything.

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When is your trip?

The rules in the UK change tomorrow so hopefully there will be better information for transit passengers.

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We are set to travel through England August 23rd. Thanks for the info! I’ll check the rules again tomorrow.

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Did you get a response to your question about staying overnight? Maybe you could leave the airport and come back following day?

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"After all, if you're carrying the virus, you're threat to others"

Thats not true, if you bona fida have recovered from Covid, the PCR can pick up dead/inactive virus. PCR just detect virus, but can't discrimate between dead fragments and active live ones. Dead virus is no threat to others.

Semantics as it does help the OP. But, worth putting the record straight.