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Question for the girls

I am going to be in England the 2nd or 3rd week of September. Will it be too cold for sandals?

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So am I and I'm taking some sandals. When I travel to England it is nearly always in September into October and I always take a pair.

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Don't your feet get all mucky?

I would be concerned with someone steeping on my feet. Had that happen years ago, and swore the person had dislocated or broken a toe!

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I'm usually there the same time frame as Laurel, and the weather has been fine for sandals. I'm assuming those won't be the only shoes you're taking:-)


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I'm not a girl but I've been married to one for 35 years and we live in England. She is usually in sandals at that time of year unless we are gardening, hiking or up North.

Unless it rains.


It might rain.

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I will be there during the same timeframe and plan to bring sandals.

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I, too, would bring the sandals, and also another pair of shoes.