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If you were to test positive on your day 2 test or if you became sick while traveling in the UK. How would a tourist quarantine? Where would you go? How would you get food and water?

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You self isolate where you are. You don't go anywhere. You need to arrange food to be delivered from a supermarket or restaurant. Water can either be in bottles in the delivery or you can use the tap.

If you become very unwell you would need to call the ambulance who may treat you where you are or take you to hospital.

Unless you arrived from or travelled through a Red List country in which case you would be in a government quarantine hotel at something over £2000 per person already.

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I don’t think they would be obliged to keep you at all. You may have to find alternative accommodation. However, if you tested negative before your flight and have followed all advice before day 2 test you would have a low but not zero chance of contracting covid and passing it on. Going forward the responsible action would also be to test yourself via lateral flow every few days, as we are advised to do in the UK, and if positive to follow government advice.
I think because we are testing ourselves quite frequently here these tests don’t raise the same sort of anxiety that they seem to for others.

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Hotels wouldn’t be obliged to let you stay. Au contraire. I would have thought that they would want you out of there ASAP, rather than risk infecting their staff, so you would have to book self contained accommodation and organise food deliveries, as you shouldn’t leave wherever you are staying.

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We bought our tickets to London in June, using a credit from last year's Covid cancellation. With the vaccine, we thought this summer the pandemic would be over. Our intention was to rent a car and tour the UK. This would be our fourth tour of 5 weeks each. The first trips were places considered essential by the guide books. After those, we branched out to the "lesser known," at least by us. Now our sources are The Back Roads of Britain and British TV shows airing on Britbox. We take note of the filming locations of Midsomer Murders (we never actually found Badger's Drift), Father Brown, and The Vicar of Dibley. Our current favorite is Upstart Crow even though it's shot in the studio and offers no glimpse of your beautiful countryside. Thru Acorn TV, we watched a documentary of a competition for the Most Beautiful Villages. We wrote down the finalists and intended to include them in our tour.

The US and the UK have similar infection rates. We share an Amber status. But just like the South in the US, Scotland and Wales have higher infection rates than the rest of the country and we have enjoyed touring there. But Covid has thrown too many other obstacles in our way and we may ens up cancelling our trip. The US is behind the rest of the civilized world in testing. Most PCR tests results here would only be ready in 2 days with no guarantee And the UK allows a 72 hr window. This means we show up at the airport before our flight, watching our phones for the email results so we can board. No results, no flight, then reschedule with another test, facing another 72 hour window. A same day PCR test in our small city costs 217 BP, for each person. Don't misunderstand me...I appreciated being on a plane knowing everyone had a negative test. The 2nd day test in the UK was fairly easy to book and it will be delivered to our hotel for another 69 BP per person.

If we were to contract Covid during our 5 week trip, I wouldn't worry about the illness as we've now had 3 doses of the Moderna; however, we wouldn't want to infect anyone else and the unknowns of the quarantine process weigh heavily when you can't do it in your own home. We hate to cancel our trip as age is catching up with us and travel is becoming harder even without the pandemic.

Sad, but ours is a first world problem and we've been lucky to travel as much as we have....maybe next year.