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prove full time student

I will be going to England in June. It will be 2 adults and 2 girls who will have just graduated high school and will be starting college in the fall. Some places (currently looking at Tower of London specifically) have a Concessions rate for full time students. How do I prove they are full time students? Will their high school ID's suffice or do I just suck it up and pay the full adult rate?

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My son took along his high school student ID card and was given student rates at quite a few places.

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Gently disagreeing with David -- otherwise, museums could refuse to honor student ID over summer vacations ... or long weekends ... because they were not actively studying "full time." Just take the high school ID's and see what happens.

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David, Technically they will be enrolled in college. They will commit to a college and pay their initial fee by May 1, which is before our trip. They won't get their student IDs until orientation right before classes start, but they will be considered students of that college.

Thanks to everyone who said their high school IDs would be fine.

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High school students usually qualify for discounts based on age, not student status. College students are typically advised to buy an International Student ID Card, rather than counting on various European destinations to read and accept ID from all the colleges and universities in the world.