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Transportation from Gatwick to Cardiff?

My husband and I are flying into London Gatwick, then need to get to Cardiff. We're looking at taking the bus for about $90 which is less expensive than the train, but I'm wondering if there is some other mode of transportation that might be just about as cheap? I took the bus last year and it was fine, but it went to Heathrow before actually heading toward Cardiff, and that added about 90 minutes to the ride.

Or is there an option whereby the bus goes to Cardiff from Gatwick without going to Heathrow first?

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As said above, go to and put from GTW to CDF and find your date and estimated time of departure. You will then see cheap fares of around £20 for advance booking specific trains. This involves going from Gatwick to Reading and then changing for a train to Cardiff. This is much easier (& cheaper) than going into London & having a journey on the underground to Paddington station (from Victoria). Gatwick to Cardiff will take around 3 hours 20 minutes. (Cheaper fares will not be available during peak commuting times). The London to Cardiff railway is being electrified. Diversions may take place - these are most likely on Sundays.

Once you have found your desired service, pre-book (like 10 weeks ahead if possible) with the Great Western Railway - for it is their trains that you will use throughout this journey. You will get a booking number - I would print this off to take on your trip. On arrival at Gatwick station, insert the SAME debit card into a ticket machine and type in the booking number and out will come your tickets. (You make also be able to go to a member of ticket staff at Gatwick to claim your tickets).

In the event that you are early and catch an earlier service, find the guard for the earlier train - usually at rear when in stations - and ask if you could take his/her train without penalty as you landed early.

You might like to go to the Wales forum and check posts about Cardiff.

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Thanks so much! You've given me a much better option, and I certainly do appreciate it.