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Private car vs train to Canterbury

There are four of us traveling from Heathrow to Canterbury. Thoughts on train vs hiring a private car? The cost seems fairly comparable for four of us.,. Anyone with experience doing this.

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We used a car service from LHR to Canterbury for two of us. The train fares were somewhat cheaper, but the hassle factor was steep. With four of you the train fares should be close to the cost of the car service. And far less hassle. Nothing like having a driver meet you in the terminal, wisk you to the car, and take you to the hotel.
The driver we had drove quite safely, was most helpful loading our luggage, and commented on various things along the way. The car was clean, roomy, and well maintained. We would not hesitate to use the same service again. We've found that using a service based at the destination works well as they seem to know the best routes to take. The name of the service we used is Canterbury Airport Transfers. The web site (if my notes are correct) is The email is [email protected]. Shoot them an email, outline you needs, and see what you think about their quote.

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We found a limo service that was perfect. Airport to our place in
Canterbury ( a RS place literally next door to the cathedral). Never thought it was too pricey and the time savings from not going to train station and waiting and then arriving and transferring once more to taxi seemed well worth any slight cost. I actually did some comparison and didn't seem to find any added costs. This was for two of us so any more and there will be savings of money and certainly time. Pete