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Price for coach or taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick airports

Anyone know the price for coach or taxi from Heathrow to Gatwick airports and can it be pre booked?

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I would be careful with that transfer - leave plenty of time. The M25 is not known for speed. Troubles sometimes arise on the M23, too.

I am surprised by the times quoted by the poster above. I don't understand how a slow lumbering coach can make the trip faster than a taxi - or me. I move fairly sharpish and would be exceedingly pushed to do it in 30 minutes. It is 43 miles or so, so to do that in 30 minutes I'd have to have a continuous speed of 86 mph, and I go nowhere near that fast. The legal limit, camera controlled, is 70 for a car and 10 mph slower for a coach. There are frequent and regular reductions of the speed limit to 60, 50, or 40.

At the moment I am writing this the motorway is doing less than 30 mph all the way from Heathrow to beyond junction 9 for Leatherhead, and only somewhat faster around the bottom.

The link provided shows the coach is an hour and a quarter, and doesn't allow for the waiting time between coaches.

I drive that stretch of the M25 and M23 frequently and would always allow an hour minimum.

Add to that the walking time, waiting time, and security and Border Control and it adds up to quite a long time.

There have been previous threads here about that connection and the advice and experience related has always been to leave plenty of time.

Be careful.

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Twice in recent years I have made that journey. Once we were slowed by road work, and some livestock that had gotten onto the road. Another time traffic was halted by a dignitary's motorcade and the attendant security. I would allow a lot of time rather than try to cut it short. You can prebook the coach at