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I am from the USA, and I am presently on Holiday in London England for the next 10 days. I have forgotten my synthroid medication and will need the medication to be filled in the next two days. Is it possible to have my doctor call the UK pharmacy and email or fax the script? Have any ideas?

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A prescription from US doctor is not going to get you drug in the UK. While European pharmacists can dispense medications that cannot be dispensed by US pharmacists, it would surprise me if that would be the case for Synthroid. Hopefully you know the dose you've been taking. My guess is you're going to have to go to the doctor in the UK to get a prescription.

However, I would check first with the desk at your hotel – they almost certainly have encountered this before and probably would have suggestions. And I would also check with a pharmacist to see what they suggest.

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Go to a chemist store (drug store) and ask if you need a prescription for synthroid there. I know that there are some medications that we need a prescription for here in the US, but it doesn't require one in the UK. It sure wouldn't hurt to ask.

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This is a duplicate copy of the same question. The other copy also has answers.

Go to a walk in clinic - you don't say in either of the copies of your question where in England (it is a big place) you are or I could give you more help.

Get a British prescription from the doctor there and take it to a Boots, LLoyds, Superdrug, or other local independent chemist for filling.

Do not expect a bottle with pills in it. Expect a push-through sheet of individual tablets.

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Although synthroid / levothyroxine is available OTC in some European countries, the UK is not one of them.

Synthroid as a US brand is not easily available - other levothyroxine brands / generics are much more common. I understand that switching brands can be problematic though as although it is the same chemical the dosage etc do not match exactly.