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Premier Inn Leicester Square

I am seriously considering staying at the Premier Inn Leicester Square. I know that they are a good value and a good place to stay and the Leicester Square location would be a good place to stay. But am worried this particular hotel is too worn and maybe choose another Premier Inn location? I read on Trip advisor that the hotel is a bit worn and needs updating. Has anyone stayed at this location within the last year? What were your thoughts, recommendations, views on this hotel. I am staying more than a week so I want to be comfortable.

Your responses would be most appreciated. I am looking for a place with lots of pubs and restaurants around and near a tube station or two. Something where I am in central London, knowing I still have to take the tube to different sites and places.

I have stayed at the London House Hotel twice and while it is great I want to be more centrally located on this trip.

Thanks everyone!

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Thanks Emma: Having been to London several times I fully understand that London is spreadout and taking the tube is needed as I said in my post. I am not at all worried about the noise as Premier Inns have made sure noise is not a factor having friends that have stayed at Premier Inns across London and the UK advise me . Also it was stated on trip advisor that noise at Leicester Square is not a problem due to the way Premier Inns build their hotels.

I will look into the other areas you mentioned and have done so already but Leicester Square seemed to draw me to that area and I plan to attend at least two or three plays while I am there and I do like walking in the area of Covent garden and Trafalgar Square and other places near by.

If you have stayed at this Premier Inn, I would appreciate your thoughts on the hotel.

Thanks, appreciate your comments.

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We were just at PTI CountyHall next to London eye. Not fancy but it’s clean and Westminster tube is just across the bridge. Waterloo station is just behind.

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As we've discussed in our live meetings, I've stayed twice at the Hub By Premier Inn Goodge Street. It's about a 15-20 minute walk to West End theatres, and there's also pretty frequent bus service between the hotel and the West End. It's right at the Goodge Street tube station on the Northern line, or a 10 minute walk to other lines at either Warren Street or Tottenham Court Road stations. There are lots of restaurants, stores, and supermarkets nearby.

If you don't mind a small room, their regular room is very efficiently laid out (including a large under-bed storage area for suitcases). If you want something more like a standard sized Premier Inn room, get a Bigger Room (yes, that's actually what they call it). If you want to see pictures of my actual rooms (I've stayed in both regular and Bigger), let me know, and I'll e-mail them to you.

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I have stayed at several Premier Inns in London and up in Scotland, and at 3 different Hub Hotels. But I will say that when I have had a choice, I have always picked one that said it was more recently refurbished. There are so many of them all over the place that i have always figured it is easy enough to find one that is “newer” (even if in an old building).

But if you are going to the theater a couple of times, the central location of the Leicester Square PI may put it over the top for you!

In reference to the Hub Hotels Harold is mentioning, if you are solo, the Covent Garden location would be perfect for you (although the small room might get old over a week). I think the location is fantastic, and for you and the theaters it would also be so, without being right in the cacophony of Leicester Square. But the Covent Garden Hub Hotel has gotten too pricey for me — but maybe it is still in your budget! It is worth a look if you are a solo traveler.

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I stayed at Premier Inn County Hall 3-4 times. Very central for what I wanted. Easy walk to Westminster, to Waterloo, down the South Bank. Easy connection for tube and bus (right outside almost). I liked being able to stroll along the South Bank in the evening. There were certainly restaurants. Maybe someone else can chime in about pubs.

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I've stayed there 3 times and like it. The last time was a year ago. No complaints about the rooms - small, very clean and comfortable. The location is great and very centrally located - it's an easy walk to the tube and nearby sights as well as the theaters and lots of reasonably-priced places to eat. I found the price to be very reasonable, especially in view of the location. We didn't pay for their breakfast buffet - there are so many good options nearby.