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Ancient Monument Sites

I note that many of you wish to visit Stonehenge. I can understand this as it is the most famous of our prehistoric sites. However, I would like it to be known that many other ancient remains can be found all over Britain - most with free entry. This site shows you where they are:>

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Thanks for the List James! I think most of the public only know about famous places, unfortunately. The National Trust UK, English Heritage, and World Heritage Web sites were helpful to us on trips to the UK. I've been to Stonehenge, twice and was lucky enough to visit when you could just wander amongst the stones (when I was very young!). We really enjoyed Amesbury and we had to look for Woodhenge because we thought the idea of a wood henge was funny. I recommend Edward Rutherford's book "Sarum" for a good story about building Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral. We also enjoyed the Chalk Drawings of the White Horse and the Cerne Giant. Travelers should take time to research before they visit. Finding unique places off the "Tourist Trail" can be much more fun because you don't have to fight the hoards and the buses. Sadly, a lot of people are cowed by the idea of Driving in the UK because of the left side driving...but if you are used to driving; it's not that hard and will give them more freedom to explore.

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Just so you know, not everyone mindlessly goes to Stonehenge just because it's the famous one. A lifetime dream for me was to plan a trip around Great Britain visiting many different stone circles. A few years ago -- with help from some of the wonderful people on this very forum, and the Stone Circles website you've recommended -- that dream became a reality. Loved every minute of it!