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Pre Flight Covid Test

Can someone clarify the pre flight Covid test requirement. I've seen it described as I must get a covid test 72 hours before my departure time. I've also seen it described as 3 days before the departure day. Which is correct?
My flight departs at 1600 on Tuesday so do I have to get a test after 1600 on Saturday or can I schedule one for earlier Saturday morning.

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It depends where you are flying to. Different countries have different terms.

To fly into/back to the United States, it’s within three days (NOT 72 hours) prior to your flight that you have to have your test performed.

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Yea but 75 hours is also within three days but not within 72 hours. So for entrance into the US where it specifies 3 days, the time of your flight is irrelevant. However the time of your flight is relevant for 72 hour requirement.

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to clarify the similar but different time requirements:

to enter the UK it is 72 hours. Not more.

to enter the US it is 3 days (midnight to midnight type days).

Tricky. Worth keeping an eye on,

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We are scheduled to depart Heathrow on Saturday to return to US. Can we get tested at the airport on the departure date? CDC and other websites are confusing.