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Pleasant surprise on London hotel prices—-spring 2022

I am starting to book hotels for a planned trip next March (2022), and of course I am only booking refundable rates.

While some travel costs have risen (especially for trip insurance and tours), I have found that some London hotels are pretty moderate, plus they are offering discounts (around 10-15%) for full payment in advance, still with full refund if canceled at least a week ahead. I can see the motive on their part—-they can use the money now—-and it also works for me as we have travel-budget $$$ sitting around from last year’s canceled trips. I am happy to have the hotels use the money now, as I am trying to reach a minimum spend requirement on my credit card for a 2-4-1 flight voucher. 😏

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I hope you are booking these with a charge card-I wouldn't trust anyone in the tourist industry(except RS) to refund cash payments. Plus, they might be out of business or bankrupt by March. If they use the money now, they won't have it when a refund becomes necessary. We bought tickets to see Hamilton in London last March and the refund was a tiny fraction of what we paid

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Lola, I am glad this has worked out well for you!

I find I am still feeling a little burned by how cancellation policies changed after the fact before to pre-pay, but it sounds like a good deal for your needs.

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Be sure to take a screen shot of the terms on the day you book. I just heard a story from a friend who swore there was a cancel for free when he made a reservation and 3 weeks later it was no where to be found on the website. Luckily, he didn't have to cancel and all worked out well. Just a suggestion.

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Thanks. Yes, I did take a screen shott of the cancellation terms. It is on my confirmation email as well.