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Planning a trip based on one event

I've been wanting to go back to London for years (studied there in college in the 90's). I've talked about with my family and they agreed, but there seemed to always be reasons to delay (time, money, etc). Finally, based on what I've learned through this forum, I booked tickets for the "Ceremony of the Keys" for July 2019! Thanks for the idea; now we have to go.

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Well done.

Loads of time to fatten the travel budget and research all the sites you wish to visit with your family.

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Of course u know there are so many free or lo cost things to do and see. If u need suggestions let this board know. But great that u will experience the ceremony of the keys. I enjoyed it also.

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That's how I plan my trips - every trip is based around one thing that I, or my husband, really want to see. Last year it was the "Big 3" art museums in Madrid for me. Our next trip is based around a couple of days in Bastogne for Battle of the Bulge sites for him. There are just so many choices, it helps me to have one thing to start with.

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While it's fine to book tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys, I'd still hold off on booking air tickets until you're a lot closer to July 2019. I hate that I always seem to be Debbie Downer, and it is probably because life has thrown me so many curveballs, but I'd wait until late winter/early spring 2019 to start booking most of the trip for July 2019, especially for anything that isn't refundable. There's just too much that can happen in the next 13 months.

But, yes, I do think that giving you an actual reason to go is a good thing. It is too easy to make excuses and never end up traveling to Europe. It's far too easy to fall back into the comfort area and end up with yet another trip to Disney or Branson.

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Hey, I booked a solo trip based on tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show one year. These were bought many, many months in advance; long before I had to book my hotel or flights. Of course I saw and did a lot of other things while I was there ( my first visit to the National Gallery and I fell in love with it). But those tickets were the impetus.

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Seems like a fine reason to go for me :)

I planned my last trip to London in May 2018 around the ”Hamilton” ticket that I bought in January 2017.

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Whenever we pick a place to travel, we always select it based on what we call our 'must see' event/place. This then becomes our priority, and everything else is a bonus!!!

You have loads of time to plan and prepare. Make sure that your passports will be valid for six months after your trip so that there are no worries there. You have time to read up on everything else you might want to see in and around London.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!!!