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Places to eat by windsor castle with children

Looking for places to eat lunch near Windsor castle. With children. Two brewers foes not accept children.

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We had a decent lunch at the Duchess of Cambridge pub. (Cheesy, I know, but I'm a huge royal fan and couldn't resist.) The food was good and it wasn't busy. No idea what their policy on children is.

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The King and Castle pub is right across the street from the castle. Good basic food, excellent beer and overall nice atmosphere. There were several family groups when we were there with kids from infants to teenagers.

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The King and Castle Pub is down past McDonalds. After you tour the castle you will exit the grounds through the Henry VIII Gate, right across the street (on Castle Hill) is The Horse and Groom Pub, they allow children and have a children’s menu that you could look at online,

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And Another vote for The Horse & Groom :) And often the horse and carriage is outside that place, so the kids might love to see them. Very good quality, and surprisingly good prices for their royal location. :)

There are also several very good restaurants and cafe's in the covered shopping area across the street, good prices, lots of options, with tables outside so the kids can have lots to look at, including a train if you go towards the end.

There was a Chinese restaurant near the McDonalds the last time I was there, but also the last time I had Chinese food in London, it was MUCH spicier than what we get here in the USA, so you may want to avoid that.

And if you do opt for the McDonalds, it's actually quite large, clean, and has some big Buckingham Palace kind of guards mannequins in the front, free wi-fi, so it could be something that makes the kids happy, tho RS might not approve. :)

To get the most up to date info, if you meet other parents on the tour, they may know where the kids like to go the best, if you ask them. :) There are several restaurants on the shopping street only one block away that have good prices, some good Italian places too, it seems to change every time I go there. :)
Have a great time!

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There are plenty of family friendly places near Windsor Castle to have a great meal just to finish your trip with something delectable. The two that top my list of favourites are:
the Boatman riverside restaurant is the best place to enjoy the view of the Thames while enjoying a plate of steak and sipping on the exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon. The restaurant cum pub has a specially dedicated menu section for children. They kids can choose from a fancy chargrilled Beef burger to the very native Fish and Chips.

Another great place is the Windsor Pizza Express. The restaurant has amazing range of toppings for their authentic handmade pizzas.

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Of course, if your children see the McDonald's they may refuse to go anywhere else(like my college daughter-at least she's cheap to feed, as she is also a big fan of Marks and Spencer sandwiches.)

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I agree with the recommendation of the Duchess of Cambridge. Fun bright colors inside, across the street from the castle, a wide menu, superb service and they welcome children.

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Well, doggone. When my kids were younger we did visit McDonald's and Subway in Germany and Dublin. I know that's a sin of sorts but ...

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If there is any chance seeing any of the Royals it would be in Windsor Great Park as they are entering or exiting the castle, they would be in a car. If you are on the same side of the castle and facing the across the street, turn to your left and follow the street (5 minute walk) down to the gate to Windsor Gate Park as you enter if you look towards your left you will see the castle. This is the royal resident part of the castle, the long road you see is called The Long Road, it’s the private road for the royals to enter and exit the castle. We have seen them coming back from Ascot which is in June, and another time on a Friday when they were coming to the castle for a weekend.