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Piccadilly Line and South Kensington Station

Starting next week, the Piccadilly line will not stop at South Kensington due to work on the escalators. This is expected to continue through Spring of next year (2022.) I know many people on this board like to stay in that area. Please keep this in mind when the UK opens up again.

The District and Circle line will continue to stop at that station.

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Thanks for the heads up. I checked my travel plan for my exit station. It's Earl's Court, so no change required.... whenever my 2020 redo may happen.

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Worst case scenario is going to the Gloucester stop, switching to one of the other lines, then coming back. Wouldn’t add that much time. Thanks for the information. At this point I’d be happy if I could simply travel to the UK.

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There have been suggestions lately to remove the Piccadilly Line stops at Barons Court, leaving just the District. May never happen but I thought worth mentioning in passing.

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Finally when they say the work will continue through spring of 2022 I would interpret that as finishing mid late Summer. Hopefully I am wrong.

You're optimistic. I was figuring the fall at the earliest. (LOL).

That real tough part is that this is the station most use for the museums. But Gloucester Road isn't much further.

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That is totally unacceptable. Time to call the mayor’s office and register a complaint (LOL).
Nigel, we need you to get on this. Why wasn’t this started 9 months ago while everyone was pretty much locked down. Thank you for the heads up Frank.

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Emma, I always use Baron's Court to switch lines, but I doubt my travels will interfere with your commute... LOL He's hoping what Marco heard doesn't come to fruition, but I better pay attention.

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I imagine they are only taking them out of action because they really have to. TFL budgets have been hit really hard by lockdown. As an example, I claimed back more the £2000 when I cancelled my season ticket back in April. I’m just one commuter, all those refunds really added up. Their income has been decimated.

And how much did TFL spend on their new luxurious office building in Stratford?

And I read that Crossrail/Elizabeth Line is about 4 billion pounds over budget.

The big question becomes will Sadiq Khan raise fares to make up for all the losses? That would hit a lot of people very hard.

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Emma, thank you for taking the time to give us this very good advice.