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phone chargers in UK

One of our last items is to get chargers for our phones and cameras for our trip to London next week. Looking online and at retailers there are plenty of choices. Some are for USB connections too.
Any experiences good or bad?


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Why don't you just use a plug converter? All of our camera and phone chargers had dual voltage so no special cords were needed.

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Why don't you just wait until you get to the UK and buy a cheap phone charger with USB output. Available in many places. Bring a USB lead.
Then you know it will have a UK plug on it and work on UK voltage. Like this one from Tesco's, a major supermarket chain, cost £10.

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Hi Dhasse,

Chargers are really vital during travelling as they help to keep our favorite gadgets in working condition. You can get mains and car chargers easily in UK.

So, don't worry and enjoy your trip!!!

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Your regular chargers should work fine with a cheap plug adapter. Pick one up at Target, Wal-Mart, a hardware store, etc.