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Penelope Keith's Coastal Villages

This British program was mentioned here a few years ago, but is only just now available on my local PBS station. What a treat. Ms Keith visits small coastal villages in the UK. Its worth a look for those folks looking for hidden gems.

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You can find it on ACORN TV. That’s how I watched the entire series.

Yes, it’s a treat!

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Our station carried it some time back; it's a great series!

Dame Penelope will forever be Margo of "Good Neighbors" (or "The Good Life") to me. The show was a weekly event for 3 of us young, cash-strapped neighborhood couples who were scrimping for our first mortgages 30+ years ago. Cheap fun was all we could afford, and that series provided many, many ROFLOAO TV-night moments!

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This is great to know, and thanks, stan!

On any episode, I wonder if she locates any coastal households enduring self-sufficient Tom and Barbara types? She could relate, on some level!

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Oh gosh.. I loved her in To the Manor Born! For a change we had this several years ago and I really enjoyed it. Great scenery!

Are you getting or have you gotten the Vintage Roads Great and Small series? It’s a couple of years old but just showing here. Hosts are Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison from All Creatures Great and Small.

Another forum member alerted me to Lucy Wolsley’s new program. Tonight is Queen Anne, last week was Queen Elizabeth I and myths surrounding the Spanish Armada. Very interesting!!

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Both her coastal villages and hidden villages shows have been on our PBS stations, on and off, for a few years now. Both are nice.

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You can also view many of her programs on You Tube.