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PCR Test results for Heathrow transit

I have been told that the PCR test I have signed up for will show as negative with lab codes but there will not be a QR number, does anyone know anything more about this complex issue for transiting LHR, is a negative result OK or does one need a QR number also?

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I'm not sure if this will be helpful for GB, but the process seemed similar to what Hawaii's been requiring. I've been to Hawaii a couple time in the last year. I needed to do a PCR test, upload it to Hawaii's safe travel site, answer a questionaire AND THEN a QR code was generated. The QR code did not come as a result of the COVID test result. The QR code was necessary to get into Hawaii and to rent a car or check into a hotel.

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From what I’ve read about PCR tests they either come back either positive or negative. PCR tests are the most accurate.