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Pay toilets -- standard rate?

In London on my last trip, I encountered some loos with free access and a few that charged users. Is there a standard rate for the latter category? Or is this up to the facility owners? (I'm trying to figure out how much pocket change/coins to carry each day.)

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Used to be that you always kept a few 20p coins in your pocket, that took care of it. But I used to frequent London for business, and in a month's worth of stays do not ever recall needing to use a pay toilet. Of course I hit more than my fair share of pubs as I was traveling around...they are always free there.

Edit: As I recall, pay toilets are more a thing at transit stations and the such, not a restaurant or pub.

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So basically, you're just looking for "the going rate" eh...?

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Oh, David…..🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

20p (somehow that sounds bad, too) in three different areas of Scotland so far. Someone the other day called it a “queenie” - as in “Well, it’s not like we all carry a queenie around anymore.”

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I’ve paid 20p for various toilets in Devon & Cornwall recently - but one was card/phone pay only and the others offered options for either coin or card pay. Who’d have thought I’d be tapping my debit card to get through the turnstile of a 20p loo (in Looe, incidentally).

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The phrase used to be, “spend a penny” but even with inflation 20p is kinda of cheap. I’ve spent a euro in Italy.

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It's 10 kroner in Norway and probably 10 kronor in Sweden, both currently just a bit shy of 1 euro. RR station toilets in Norway seem to be card-only. I'm not positive about Sweden yet.

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The last time I tried to use a pay toilet was somewhere in Westminster, at or near the tube station. I put in what I think was a 25p coin and the turnstile didn't open so I limboed under it. Other than that, I always used the free ones at whatever site I was visiting.

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Last month (June 2022) in Scotland and England we paid 50 pence. Only one place could we use credit card, the other demanded coins - and didn't give change for a pound :-( So we learned to keep a little change in a pocket.

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Can't recall needing to pay for toilets in UK in my 74 years
There are plenty of free options

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The rate is always one coin more than you have in your pocket.

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I used a pay toilet on the Bayswater Road side of Hyde Park a few months ago. I think it was 50 p. However, it took cards so I just tapped my credit card and in I went. I have zero issues with pay toilets, since most of the time that means they are at least reasonably clean (and in my experience usually very clean) with toilet paper and hand soap. Here in North America, they may be free but good lucking finding a public (meaning not in a restaurant, cafe or shop) toilet that isn't horrifying.

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I used a pay one at Regents Park for I think 20p but it took the tap credit card, which is another reason to make sure you have one of those. But really, if you’re walking around and need facilities, just pop into a pub or restaurant. I don’t think they care especially if you act like you belong. Look for the stairs because the bathroom is probably going to be up or down a flight.