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Passport Control-UK


We are travelling to London Heathrow from Toronto Canada this summer and connecting onto a flight to Dublin Ireland. My question is do clear customs at Heathrow and again in Dublin?

Thanks for your help.


Brian Birkby
Toronto, ON. Canada

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I believe the U.K. and Ireland are part of the "Common Travel Area", so that means you'll go through Passport control in London. Customs likely won't be an issue, as you'll have nothing to declare.

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Yes, because of the different ways the UK and Ireland interpret the Common Travel Area. You will also have your photo taken at Heathrow to be matched before you board.

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It's strange...

From the UK to Ireland, you will go through immigration in Ireland

From Ireland to the UK....nothing.

At least as of now.

(I've done it both ways a few times.)

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The CTA free movement arrangement only applies formally to British and Irish citizens.