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Oyster / contactless.

Hi I was told that I should get one of these where can I get them we will need to get from Gatwick to Euston to Adlgate East my girls will also be going from Adlgate to the O2 and note sure on where else yet. What is best and how do I get it? Thanks

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I think I found the answer please let me know if this is what I was looking for? Thanks

Reloadable cards, such as London's Oyster Card, require a deposit, subtract the cost of your rides when you use it, and can be topped off when the balance runs low.
You can buy tickets, passes, and cards at subway ticket machines or windows, and, depending on the city, on the bus (usually for exact change and at a slightly higher cost than the ticket-machine price), at newsstands, or in tourist offices. Ask about discounts if you're young, old, or traveling with children.

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Contactless cards in the USA are currently issued by American Express and Capital One. They work similar to Apple Pay and Android pay, you just tap the card to pay for small purchases. They’re very common in the UK.

If you have Apple Pay or Android Pay, that can be used to pay tube fares. But, each person needs their own payment method, except for kids.

Otherwise, buy an Oyster card at Gatwick and just use pay per go, you can get a refund of the £5 deposit plus up to £5 of unused fares when you leave or keep it for the next trip.